Trigger Finger

What is a Trigger Finger?

Trigger finger is a tendon problem of the finger.  The tendon must glide under pulleys that form the tunnel for the tendon.  When the pulley becomes too thick, the tendon gets stuck, causing the finger to “catch” or “get stuck.” Typically, there is pain in the palm at the base of one or more of their digits that is worsened by moving that digit. Sometimes that digit will lock or catch. Trigger finger usually is a result of swollen tendons, tight tendon sheaths, a growth on the tendon. In more advanced stages, the finger may become locked in position and the patient may have to manually move the finger to undo it.

The symptoms are often worse early in the morning.  Without treatment, the triggering becomes more constant throughout the day.  Eventually, the locking becomes more painful and the finger more stiff.  Trigger fingers may occur in multiple fingers in patients.

Dr. Tirre’s first line of treatment is typically a steroid injection which is easily performed in the office. If this does not correct the problem or if the patient has a more advanced stage, Dr. Tirre may recommend surgery. Carpal tunnel syndrome and trigger finger may be performed at the same time.

Trigger finger release is performed as an outpatient procedure and most patients tolerate this surgery very well. As with any surgical procedure, there may be risks associated. Dr. Tirre will go over these benefits and risks at the time of initial consultation.

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