Tendon Injury

Tendon Injury Treatment

Extensor tendons are located under the skin and are next to the bone on the hands and fingers.  These tendons straighten the wrist, hand, and finger.  Extensor tendons can be injured by cutting the hand or finger or jamming the finger.  This trauma can cause the tendon to tear from the attachment to the bone and cause the patient difficulty in straightening the wrist or finger.  Some common names for extensor tendon injuries are mallet finger, Boutonniere deformity, or simply a laceration (cut) of the tendon.

Sometimes extensor tendon injuries can be treated by placing a splint for a few weeks.  A certified hand therapist can custom make a splint that should be worn at all times until the tendon is healed.  Tendons can take a considerable amount of time to heal, and patients should be prepared to have a splint on for eight to twelve weeks.  Dr. Tirre works closely with the hand therapist so that the splint is custom made and applied correctly to give you maximum healing.

Flexor tendons are the muscles that bend or flex the fingers.  The flexor muscles move the fingers through a cord-like tendon which connects the muscles to the bone.  The flexor muscles start at the elbow area and extend down into the middle forearm area where they turn into flexor tendons.

Most tendon injuries will require a surgical repair, and what may look like a simple cut on the outside may beColorado Hand Surgery much more complicated on the inside.  It is very important to note that a cut tendon cannot heal without surgery.  The nerves and blood vessels may need to be repaired as well.  This tendon repair surgery is done as an outpatient in either the office setting or in a hospital setting depending upon the patient’s injury.  Treatment may include sutures, pin, or sometime scar tissue release for cases of several motion loss.  Hand therapy is needed following tendon repair to achieve the maximum result in movement and healing for the patient.

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